Closing the Cyber Gender Gap: Empowering Women in Cybersecurity

February 9, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: The gender gap in the cybersecurity sector is still prevalent, with women accounting for only 25% of cybersecurity positions in 2021. However, there is hope for improvement, with projections indicating that by 2025, women will fill 30% of these positions and increase to 35% by 2031.

Having more women in cybersecurity is beneficial for companies, the industry, and society as a whole. It ensures that technology products cater to the needs of all genders, inspires the next generation of girls to pursue STEM careers, drives innovation through diverse perspectives, and promotes equal pay for equal work.

Check Point Software Technologies is taking initiatives to promote gender diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity. These include partnerships with universities to include cybersecurity in academic curricula, a graduate program for new graduates to enter the cybersecurity industry, and a comprehensive training initiative called Check Point Mind.

To encourage more women to pursue careers in cybersecurity, it is important to highlight the opportunities for lucrative and rewarding careers in the field. Closing the gender gap is an investment in innovation, better decision-making, and a future where everyone’s needs are considered in the technology world.

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