CropShield: Free security tips animated for farmers.

January 8, 2024
1 min read

Key points:

  • Cyber security experts at Lancaster University have created an animation that offers free security tips for farmers to help them protect their farms in the digital age.
  • The three-minute animation raises awareness about potential cyber risks within the farming community and provides simple steps that farmers can take to boost their security and resilience.

Cybersecurity has become increasingly important for farmers as they rely more on digital equipment connected to the internet. The animation produced by Lancaster University aims to empower and assist the farming community in navigating the digital landscape. It highlights the following reasons why cybersecurity is essential for farmers:

  • Financial security: Cyberattacks can lead to financial losses for farmers.
  • Data protection: Farmers collect and store sensitive data, such as crop yields and financial records.
  • Equipment and infrastructure protection: Modern farming operations rely on IoT devices and automated systems.
  • Supply chain security: Cybersecurity helps secure the distribution of agricultural products.
  • Reputation management: A data breach can damage a farmer’s reputation.
  • National security: Cyberattacks on the agriculture sector can have consequences for food security.
  • Environmental concerns: Cybersecurity protects systems that control irrigation and pesticide application.
  • Connectivity and efficiency: Cybersecurity enables farmers to harness the benefits of technology while minimizing risks.

The animation project was funded by the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology and is part of Lancaster University’s Cyber Works program. The animation is available on the university’s website, and farmers can reach out to the Cyber Works team for more information or support.

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