Cybellum, LG unfold Cyber Security Cockpit at CES 2024.

December 14, 2023
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  • LG Electronics and cybersecurity firm Cybellum teamed up to develop the Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) Cockpit platform.
  • The platform was designed to monitor and maintain vehicle cybersecurity, streamlining cyber-assurance and incident response tasks.
  • With new cybersecurity regulations taking effect from July 2024, the platform will help automotive OEMs comply to these standards.
  • Key features of the CSMS Cockpit include the swift identification of vulnerabilities, proactive monitoring and preventive measures, and the ability to thoroughly analyze vehicle components over its lifespan.

LG Electronics and Cybellum, a cybersecurity company LG acquired in 2021, have announced they will introduce their groundbreaking Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) Cockpit platform at CES 2024. The system has been designed to streamline cyber-assurance and incident response tasks for automotive OEMs, ensuring that vehicles are digitally secure and fully compliant with the increasingly stringent cybersecurity regulations.

From July 2024, OEMs will have to ensure that all their vehicles comply with WP.29 UNECE R155 cybersecurity regulations to gain type approval, a prerequisite for selling vehicles in 54 countries including EU member states, the UK, Japan, and South Korea. The CSMS Cockpit platform aims to help OEMs meet these new regulatory obligations.

The platform efficiently identifies security vulnerabilities allowing for proactive monitoring and the implementation of preventive measures to ward off potential threats. Furthermore, the CSMS Cockpit platform is capable of analyzing vehicle components throughout their lifecycle, which is typically around 20 years. This ensures the creation and management of a comprehensive database which can be utilized to constantly assess and improve upon existing cybersecurity measures.

The CSMS Cockpit platform serves as a control center for product security and allows automakers to swiftly assess and address component-related security threats. By actively evaluating newly-identified threats and their potential impact on manufacturers’ parts, the platform enhances security reliability.

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