Cyber buzz: info and security ruling Cornerstone’s boardroom conversations.

December 27, 2023
1 min read

Information and security were the key topics of discussion at a recent meeting of the South East Cornerstone Public School Division’s board. The manager of information systems, Brian Belinsky, explained how information is transmitted in today’s digital age and the importance of maintaining a secure system of communication.

Belinsky shared statistics on the rising number of cyber attacks and data breaches in the education sector. He emphasized the need for cyber security training and the importance of patching outdated software and unpatched systems to prevent cyber attacks.

Belinsky also discussed the role of information systems in education, including their impact on accessibility, efficiency, resource management, and decision making. He highlighted the importance of digital literacy skills for students and the integration of information systems into academic pursuits and future careers.

Belinsky touched on the support systems and backup systems in place to deliver information within the division. He also mentioned the challenges faced by remote schools in accessing strong Wi-Fi outlets and the assistance provided by the provincial government in upgrading systems.

In conclusion, Belinsky emphasized the importance of using information systems to engage students and drive their understanding of global communications. The board chairwoman, Audrey Trombley, expressed gratitude for the information shared and the assurance that assistance is available when needed.

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