Cyber threats surge, reaching peak against Americans in last 24 months

January 21, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: Cyber-attacks against Americans have reached an all-time high over the past two years, according to Checkpoint Software research. The U.S. Office of Government Accountability states that the country lacks adequate cybercrime data and monitoring, leaving it ill-prepared to fight against cybercrime. Checkpoint Software Global Chief Information Officer Pete Nicoletti notes an increase in attacks on government and military in the fourth quarter of 2023. Cyber criminals often target education and research sectors due to their sensitive information and lack of adequate cybersecurity measures. The weakest link in cybersecurity is often people, who can easily fall victim to phishing emails. The Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine wars have led to an increase in cyberattacks, according to Steele County Director of Information Technology Dave Purscell. Cyber criminals target local governments, believing they have weaker security compared to federal or state governments. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal of 2021 designates $1 billion for states and territories over the next four years for cybersecurity funding. However, not every local government has adequate security measures in place. Checkpoint Software reports a 33% rise in attempted ransomware attacks on organizations worldwide, with 1 in 20 organizations in the US falling victim to attempted ransomware attacks last year. The cybercriminal industry is growing and is considered the third largest economy in the world after the US and China. The use of artificial intelligence has made phishing scams harder to detect.

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