Cybersecurity shifting gears as GenAI debates good vs evil

February 4, 2024
1 min read


Specialist cyber defenders are calling for a transformation in cybersecurity, moving away from a good vs bad approach to a more proactive and preventative strategy. They argue that organisations need to build an architecture that ensures safety, continuously update this architecture, and learn from cases in other industries. Education and awareness are also key components of effective cybersecurity, with defenders stressing the need for continuous learning and cyber education to be included in school curricula. The use of AI is also important in combatting AI-based cyber threats, with AI for good needing to combat AI for bad.

As industries, governments, and law enforcement agencies struggle to keep up with the fast-evolving cybercrime ecosystem, cybersecurity defenders argue that prevention is better than cure. Building and upgrading firewalls and educating organizations and individuals on sensitization and prevention are key in safeguarding data and systems. The defenders stress the need for organizations to build an architecture that ensures safety, with proactive and updateable security measures. Learning from cases in other industries and within organizations themselves is also crucial for identifying blind spots and weak spots that need to be fixed. Continuous education and awareness are seen as crucial elements in effective cybersecurity, as cybercriminals become increasingly sophisticated. The use of AI is also important in combatting AI-based cyber threats, with the defenders using AI to prevent and catch cybercriminals.

The defenders argue that education about the perils of cyber threats should start in school and be incorporated into the curriculum. Governments and law enforcement agencies have a challenging task ahead, especially considering the shortage of experts compared to the number of cybercriminals. The defenders stress the need for organizations, governments, and individuals to be aware of cyber threats, well-trained, and constantly learning and being educated about the evolving nature of cybersecurity.

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