Cybersecurity solutions: Tackling AI risks in developing nations, strategically.

December 25, 2023
1 min read

In this article, the author discusses strategies and solutions for managing cybersecurity risks related to AI in developing countries. The key points highlighted include:

  • The need to strengthen technological infrastructure and increase investment in cybersecurity resources
  • The importance of human resource development and cybersecurity awareness
  • The significance of developing a strong legal and regulatory framework
  • The benefits of promoting local AI development and research

The author suggests that developing countries should invest in more sophisticated cybersecurity systems and build robust IT infrastructure to support the safe implementation of AI. They also emphasize the importance of training IT professionals in identifying and handling cyber-attacks and enhancing cybersecurity awareness among the general public. Developing a robust legal and regulatory framework is seen as crucial in managing cybersecurity risks, with an emphasis on AI ethics that align with local social and cultural conditions. Finally, the author recommends encouraging local AI development and research to reduce dependence on foreign AI products.

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