Cybersecurity woes at Liberty Hospital threatens patient security, warns nurse.

December 30, 2023
1 min read

Key Points:

  • Liberty Hospital in Missouri has experienced a cybersecurity attack that has disrupted its IT and computer systems.
  • The hospital is working with cybersecurity specialists to assess the extent of the issue.
  • Nurses and patients raise concerns about the hospital’s transparency and the potential risks to patient care.
  • Some services have resumed, but the hospital warns that appointments and procedures may still be affected.

Nearly two weeks after a cybersecurity attack targeted Liberty Hospital’s IT and computer systems, the hospital is still in the process of recovering and resuming normal operations. The hospital first became aware of the issue on December 19 and immediately shut down its network. It is now collaborating with third-party cybersecurity specialists to determine the full extent of the attack.

However, some nurses and patients are expressing their doubts about the hospital’s transparency and its potential impact on patient care. An employee at the hospital revealed that medical teams are resorting to using paper charts due to the dysfunctionality of the computers. Additionally, accessing critical information such as patient allergies and medications has become more time-consuming, placing patients at potential risk.

The hospital claims to have made “significant progress” with the investigation, but acknowledges that the recovery process may be prolonged. It has implemented additional security protocols and is working on restoring computer systems safely and methodically. While some clinical and surgical services have resumed, the hospital cautions that appointments and procedures may still be affected.

The hospital urges patients to contact them ahead of their appointments to confirm if there are any concerns. Patients who have prescriptions automatically refilled through Liberty Hospital’s primary care and specialty care clinics may also be impacted, as providers are currently unable to submit electronic refills. Refill requests should be made directly with the doctor’s office.

The hospital is committed to keeping employees and patients informed about the recovery process, prioritizing patient care and system recovery. It assures transparency in sharing information with the staff, patients, and community. The hospital’s IT team and specialists are conducting thorough assessments to ensure the safety and functionality of computer infrastructure and applications.

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