Data security: Evolving safeguards for ransomware and AI challenges.

December 23, 2023
1 min read

Key Points:

  • Ransomware attacks continue to rise, causing concern for businesses
  • Artificial intelligence can be both a help and a danger in cybersecurity
  • Security practitioners are looking for solutions to control cost and manage complexity

In a recent discussion at the Cyber Resiliency Summit, industry experts explored the challenges of data security in the age of ransomware and artificial intelligence (AI). The summit participants highlighted the prevalence of ransomware attacks and the need for strong data protection protocols. Ransomware attacks have become more sophisticated, with hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in software and targeting cities and municipalities. The rise of ransomware has fueled concerns among businesses, who are worried about how to recover from an attack.

The emergence of AI has brought both benefits and challenges to the cybersecurity field. While AI can help strengthen defenses against cyberattacks, threat actors can also use AI to enhance their tools for targeting victims. Generative AI engines, such as ChatGPT, have provided organizations with new solutions for protecting critical data. However, malicious actors have also leveraged generative AI for sophisticated social engineering attacks, using deepfake audio and realistic emails. The use of deepfakes by scammers is on the rise, posing a significant challenge for cybersecurity professionals.

Addressing the cost and complexity of cybersecurity has become a priority for security practitioners. The industry has been plagued by “tool sprawl,” where organizations use multiple security solutions to protect their data. This has led to increased complexity and rising costs. To tackle these challenges, businesses are seeking solutions that can control costs and manage complexity. Vendor consolidation has become a common trend, with organizations looking to consolidate their security vendors to simplify their security operations. Additionally, IT vendors are offering security solutions through managed services to help organizations address cost and complexity.

Overall, data security in the age of ransomware and AI requires a comprehensive approach. Organizations must be prepared for the worst-case scenarios, striking a balance between defensive measures and a robust recovery plan. With the continuous rise of ransomware attacks and the increasing sophistication of AI, businesses need to stay vigilant and adapt their security strategies accordingly.

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