December 15’s Top News: Quorum Cyber, QuSecure, IDIQ, and More!

December 23, 2023
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Key Points:

  • Quorum Cyber experienced significant growth and market momentum in 2023, including opening new offices, expanding its headcount, and signing new customers.
  • QuSecure launched its cybersecurity software QuProtect in AWS Marketplace, extending its reach to organizations seeking protection against emerging cyber threats.
  • IDIQ’s Michael Scheumack joins the Identity Theft Resource Center’s Alliance for Identity Resilience Advisory Board.
  • Expert Insights section discusses generative AI and its implications for safety, security, and exploitation, as well as safeguarding one’s likeness from the rise of deepfakes.

Quorum Cyber, a cybersecurity solutions provider, announced significant growth and market momentum in 2023. The company opened new offices in London and North America, achieved industry accolades, expanded its headcount to over 225 employees, launched new cybersecurity services, and signed over 20 new managed services customers.

QuSecure, a leader in post-quantum cryptography, launched its cybersecurity software QuProtect in AWS Marketplace. This strategic move extends the reach of QuSecure’s enterprise security software solution to organizations of all sizes seeking protection against emerging cyber threats.

IDIQ, a leader in financial and identity protection, announced that its chief marketing and innovation officer, Michael Scheumack, will be joining the Identity Theft Resource Center’s newly formed Alliance for Identity Resilience Advisory Board. Scheumack, with over 20 years of experience in the financial, credit, and identity theft protection industries, will advise the ITRC on matters related to identity theft crime.

In the Expert Insights section, Philipp Pointner of Jumio explores the implications of generative AI for safety, security, and exploitation. While generative AI offers benefits for businesses, it also opens the door to fraudulent activities and disinformation. Pointner emphasizes the need for businesses to prioritize vigilance and implement comprehensive strategies, such as robust identity verification and biometric authentication, to protect themselves and their customers.

David Divitt of Veriff discusses the rise of deepfakes and the need to safeguard one’s likeness from this form of fraud. Deepfakes, which use artificial intelligence to create realistic but fake content, pose a significant threat to personal and business identities. Divitt highlights the increasing sophistication of deepfakes and provides recommendations for protecting against malicious uses of AI.

Overall, these articles highlight the growth and market presence of Quorum Cyber, QuSecure, and IDIQ, as well as the importance of staying vigilant in the face of emerging cybersecurity threats like generative AI and deepfakes.

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