Dell’s AI-powered strategy: redefining cybersecurity in the evolving threat landscape.

December 13, 2023
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In a time when ransomware and other cyber security threats are increasing, Dell Technologies Inc.’s strategy aims to build security directly into their products and provide their clients with comprehensive cyber and IT security solutions. With the rise of AI, this technology plays a significant role in both the proliferation of threats and the strategies to deter them.

  • The integration of AI into cyber security strategies is crucial: Bad faith actors are adopting AI to create and automate cyberattacks while it can also be used for deterrence.
  • Data protection is more important than ever, particularly with large language models requiring large amounts of data.
  • Risk to the cloud: Just because data is stored in the cloud does not mean it is protected; clear guidelines are needed.

Elizabeth Green, EMEA advisory and cyber lead at Dell, explained Dell’s approach to the Cyber Resiliency Summit during an exclusive broadcast on theCUBE. Cyber resiliency and cybersecurity, while closely related, do have differences and both are integral to protecting businesses from attacks. Green discussed the vital role AI plays in both the cybersecurity threats and defense systems, stating that “ransomware gangs are being able to use AI to be smarter, better automate some of their capabilities or even just write an email more effectively.”

Green warned of the common misconception that data stored in the cloud is automatically protected, she said, “Just because it’s in the cloud doesn’t mean the cloud is protecting it, and there are clear guidelines around that. I think a lot of our clients think, ‘Someone else is managing it, so they must be protecting it.’”

Dell’s strategy aims to prepare clients for any catastrophic attack that might occur by working with leading advisory consulting firms, public cloud providers, and network providers. Green reiterated that this preparation ensures swift and effective responses to threats instead of improvising during a catastrophic attack.

Ultimately, Dell’s game-plan is to inbuilt security directly into its products and offer complete cyber and IT security solutions to its clients across all clouds. This strategy combines cybersecurity with cyber resiliency, encouraging clients to think carefully about their data protection methods and the risks associated with storing data in the cloud.

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