Dynamic cyber security platform hits State by May 2024, promises Fadnavis

December 14, 2023
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  • Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, announced that a dynamic cybersecurity platform will be launched by May 2024.
  • The platform will integrate banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), and social media sites to tackle cybercrimes, with 17 companies worldwide involved in the project.

Amidst an increasing prevalence of cybercrime and deepfake technologies, the state’s Deputy Chief Minister aims to provide a comprehensive solution to stem the rising tide of digital illicit activities. The announcement was made in response to concerns raised by Varsha Gaikwad, the Mumbai Regional Congress Committee (MRCC) President and Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and deepfake technologies to target and manipulate women.

The planned cybersecurity platform will serve as a unifying nexus for banks, NBFCs, and social media sites, providing an integrated defense from cybercrimes. These crimes will encompass instances such as thefts from bank accounts or posts that offend religious sentiments. According to Fadnavis, about 17 companies globally are participating in this project, succeeding a tender that was floated.

Gaikwad expressed her concerns about the usage of AI and deepfake technologies during the question hour in the Legislative Assembly, citing recent incidents where videos of prominent figures, including the Prime Minister, were manipulated and circulated. She urged the government to formulate strategic plans to counter such tendencies. The dynamic cybersecurity platform, set to be ready by April-May 2024, marks a significant stride in tackling issues precipitated by technological advancements, such as deepfake technologies and AI.

Gaikwad further iterated the need for such measures, underscoring the insecurities felt by women as technological sophistication increases and as more AI-based technologies become prevalent. She emphasized the urgency in implementing strategies to address the expected increase in the crime rate tied to such advancements.

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