Eagers Automotive halts trade, foiled by cyberattack’s perilous strike.

December 29, 2023
1 min read

Eagers Automotive halts trading in response to cyberattack

Key Points:

  • Eagers Automotive suffered a cyberattack and had to halt trading on the stock exchange
  • The incident impacted several of Eagers Automotive’s systems across Australia and New Zealand
  • The company has appointed external experts to investigate the cyber incident
  • No major ransomware groups have claimed responsibility for the attack


Eagers Automotive, the largest operator of car dealerships in Australia and New Zealand, has announced that it suffered a cyberattack and was forced to halt trading on the stock exchange. The incident has impacted several of the company’s systems, and the full extent of the cyber incident is still being determined. Eagers Automotive has appointed external experts to support its response and an urgent investigation is underway.

While the company has notified the appropriate cybersecurity authorities, there is concern about the possibility of a data breach impacting customer information. However, the company has not explicitly addressed this possibility in its statements. No major ransomware groups have claimed responsibility for the attack at this time.

This cyberattack follows similar incidents targeting major Australian businesses this year, including Nissan Australia, DP World, Pizza Hut Australia, and more. It highlights the ongoing cybersecurity risks faced by organizations in the region and the importance of robust security measures.

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