Encrypt it all: Zero-trust era meets public sector security

December 18, 2023
1 min read

In an age of increased cyber threats, public sector security needs to encrypt everything and cannot outsource this function to expect maximum security, according to technology experts. High-profile security breaches, such as the DarkSide ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline in the US, underscore the need for advanced security measures. The focus of the article is on preventive measures and the importance of in-house security measures.

  • The need for a “zero-trust” approach in the public sector has been highlighted due to a rise in high-profile breaches.
  • Established preventive measures like encryption are considered essential as cyber-attacks are viewed as a matter of “when”, not “if”.
  • There is an inherent risk in outsourcing security, with in-house measures recommended.

In this era of digital dependency, the emphasis is increasingly on not just installing but also managing advanced security measures in the digital systems of public sector organizations. One of the potential security measures suggested in the piece is encryption. Experts argue that far from being a luxury, encryption is now a necessity. Encrypting data, they state, makes it more challenging for hackers to utilize the data, even if a breach occurs.

Outsourcing data security is a trend the industry experts raise concerns about in the article. Keeping security measures, such as encryption, in-house can offer more control over these measures and increase the chances of spotting a potential breach before it occurs. Having internal teams manage data security can also streamline the recovery process if a breach does occur, as the teams are already familiar with the system’s intricacies.

In summary, the article suggests that taking a proactive approach to security in the public sector–specifically through employing encryption and in-house security teams–can mitigate the risk, impact, and recovery time of cybersecurity attacks. It advocates for a more security-conscious and preventative approach, ensuring everything is encrypted, and in-house teams manage security.

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