Fortinet: Taking Operational Tech Security to Unprecedented Heights

December 18, 2023
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Fortinet, a global leader in cybersecurity, has announced the latest release of new, integrated Operational Technology (OT) security solutions and services. This expansion solidifies Fortinet’s leadership in the OT Security Platform market. There is an escalating need for integrated, OT-specific security solutions due to the rising volume of industrial devices connecting beyond network boundaries, escalating the risk of cyber attacks. Key details of the release includes:

  • FortiSwitch Rugged 424F, an industrial-class ethernet switch designed for digital substations and the power utility industry.
  • FortiAP 432F access point that segments industrial Wi-Fi networks to prevent attacks spreading across unprotected devices and systems.
  • FortiExtender Vehicle 211F wireless gateway, a semi-ruggedized mobility solution for connected fleets, mobile systems, and OT deployments.
  • FortiOS, an updated operating system with the OT View dashboard which offers visibility across both IT and OT environments.
  • A suite of security operations and services for OT with faster threat detection, asset and vulnerability correlation, and reporting.

These updates, coupled with Fortinet’s integrated portfolio of cybersecurity products, have been designed specifically for industrial networks. The OT Security Platform enables policy enforcement across the entire attack surface, consolidating point products, and reducing operational overheads. The increased support of OT-network protocols further equips organizations to implement a zero-trust model in OT environments, allowing for secure remote access to OT assets and systems.

Fortinet’s OT Security Platform is part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, providing deep visibility across the entire environment and facilitating secure IT/OT convergence. Among its latest improvements, the platform now supports more than 70 OT protocols and 4,000 OT application and device vulnerability signatures. As cyber threats continue to evolve, Fortinet’s enhanced OT Security Platform empowers its customers with sophisticated OT solutions and industry-leading cyber intelligence.

Fortinet’s cutting-edge OT solutions do not require extensive deployments, minimizing administration complexities and reducing the pressure on IT and security teams. The robust, unified approach of the Fortinet OT Security Platform safeguards both the virtual and physical aspects of businesses, heralding a milestone in IT/OT security convergence.

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