GenesisCare strengthens cyber defences as healthcare cybercrime soars

February 12, 2024
1 min read

GenesisCare, the largest provider of cancer care services in Australia, has strengthened its cyber defences in response to the rising threat of cybercrime in the healthcare industry. The company faced a significant challenge as cyberattacks in the industry increased by 23% and the financial impact of cybercrime on Australian businesses intensified. GenesisCare’s Head of Cyber Security, Mike Kleviansky, developed a multifaceted cybersecurity strategy that focused on both technological solutions and staff training. The company formed a strategic partnership with Mimecast, a leader in email security. Mimecast’s email filtering protocols protect against external cyber threats and secure outgoing messages. GenesisCare also implemented Mimecast’s security awareness training and initiated the Cyber Champions Program to create a culture of security consciousness among staff. Kleviansky emphasized the importance of collaboration between CISOs and CFOs to address budget and resource limitations. Through effective communication with financial stakeholders, GenesisCare was able to achieve cost savings by eliminating unnecessary applications. Since implementing these measures, GenesisCare has seen a marked improvement in its cybersecurity posture.

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