Get the scoop on AnyDesk’s security breach affecting big companies

February 5, 2024
1 min read

In a recent security breach, AnyDesk, an enterprise remote software platform used by major firms such as Raytheon and Samsung, confirmed that hackers gained unauthorized access to its production systems. The breach exposed a large amount of source code and code signing certificates. AnyDesk detected compromised systems during a security audit and promptly constructed a plan of remediation and response. The company has revoked or replaced the necessary security-related certificates and systems, and is developing replacement code signing certificates. AnyDesk also made the decision to revoke passwords to its web portal and has advised customers to change their credentials to mitigate further risk. The breach occurred sometime before a four-day outage starting on January 29, when the ability to log in to the AnyDesk client was disabled. Currently, AnyDesk states that there is “no evidence that any end-user devices have been affected” and that the situation is under control

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