Hackers demand €10million ransom in Spanish cyberattack

January 17, 2024
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– The Spanish city of Calvià in Majorca experienced a cyberattack, with hackers demanding a ransom of €10 million to restore functionality.
– The mayor of Calvià has stated that the extortion attempt will not be answered.
– Spain is not the only country dealing with cyberattacks, as Ukraine has also experienced national impact from hacking.

In a recent cyberattack, hackers targeted the city of Calvià in Majorca, Spain, and are now demanding a €10 million ransom to restore functionality to critical systems. The Calvià City Council has confirmed the attack and stated that they are working to recover normalcy as soon as possible. Majorca’s mayor, Juan Antonio Amengual, has made it clear that the extortion attempt will not be met with compliance.

Despite the cyberattack, the Calvià City Council continues to work with experts to stop the attack and keep the council functioning, albeit at a slower pace. The council has reported the incident to the Telematic Crimes Group of the Spanish Civil Guard, which will assist in resolving the issue and maintaining communication with residents through the official website.

Spain is not the only country grappling with cyberattacks. Ukraine has also experienced similar threats, with a significant hacking attempt affecting the largest telecommunications company, Kiyvstar, and banking power Monobank. The disruption of the cell provider would result in a communications blackout for millions of people.

In the United States, there have been numerous cyberattacks and hacking attempts in recent times. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and hacking incidents targeted companies like Sony and Open-AI in 2023. Open-AI, the creator of ChatGPT, experienced outages for developers due to abnormal traffic patterns. Insomniac Games, a studio owned by Sony, was also targeted in a cyberattack, resulting in the blackmail of the studio for 50 Bitcoin (BTC), equivalent to around $2 million. Both the studio and Sony refused to comply with the demands, leading to the release of sensitive information and company documents to the public.

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