HE Leon Williams fuels urban revival with cybersecurity careers at bootcamp

January 28, 2024
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H.E. Leon Williams, ITU Ambassador, visited the Urban Renewal Boot Camp and encouraged participants to pursue careers in cybersecurity. Williams highlighted the growing demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals and urged the students to study math and other hard subjects to succeed in these careers. The camp, which covered topics such as digitalization, 5G, cloud technology, and artificial intelligence, was deemed a success by the Operations Manager of Urban Renewal.

H.E. Leon Williams, ITU Ambassador, visited the Urban Renewal Boot Camp on January 24th and encouraged participants to pursue careers in cybersecurity. He emphasized the increasing demand for jobs in the cyber industry and the shortage of qualified employees. Williams advised the students to study well, particularly math, as it is the foundation for success in cybersecurity and engineering.

The Urban Renewal Boot Camp sessions covered a range of topics, including digitalization, 5G technology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. The two-hour sessions were held at the Gary and Myrtle Youth Center, Evangelistic Temple, and Collins Avenue. The camp aimed to provide participants with knowledge and skills in these areas, preparing them for future careers in cybersecurity.

H.E. Jamaal Rolle, Bahamas Ambassador and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, also visited the camp and inspired the students with his art creations. Lilliemae Longley, Operations Manager of Urban Renewal, expressed satisfaction with the camp’s outcomes, stating that the children were excited and had learned a lot.

Overall, the Urban Renewal Boot Camp was successful in providing participants with an introduction to various technological and cybersecurity concepts. H.E. Leon Williams’ visit highlighted the importance of pursuing cybersecurity careers and the need for qualified professionals in the industry.

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