Innovative Israeli startups ranked among Fortune’s Cyber 60 2024 list!

December 26, 2023
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Fortune’s Cyber 60 list for 2024 features eight companies founded by Israelis that are leading the way in cybersecurity services. These companies include Cyera, Noname Security, Aqua Security Software, Claroty, Cato Networks, Semperis, Snyk, and Wiz. Israel has become a prominent global player in the cybersecurity sector, with its firms offering a range of tools and services to protect against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity is a top concern for businesses, with the increasing number of cyberattacks on both individuals and organizations. The companies on Fortune’s Cyber 60 list provide services such as threat detection, identification management, disaster recovery, and compliance with regulations. These firms have earned the trust of major customers and investors, with some being in operation for nearly a decade and others being newly established.

One of the key areas of expertise for these Israeli-founded firms is cloud security. Wiz, for example, specializes in cloud security and has its headquarters in New York City with research and development (R&D) in Tel Aviv. Aqua Security Software, founded in 2015, focuses on stopping attacks on cloud native applications. Cato Networks, founded in 2015, has pioneered the convergence of networking and security into the cloud.

Semperis, founded in 2013, specializes in protecting Active Directory, a prime hacker target that stores the identity information and access privileges of every employee in a company’s network. Noname Security, founded in 2020, focuses on API security, while Snyk, founded in 2015, identifies and helps fix vulnerabilities in code, open-source software, and container images. Claroty, founded in 2014, specializes in threat detection and protection for cyber-physical systems.

The inclusion of these Israeli-founded firms on Fortune’s Cyber 60 list reflects the country’s strong reputation in the cybersecurity sector. Israel has a thriving cybersecurity ecosystem, with a high number of startups and a strong focus on innovation and technology. The country’s expertise in this field is recognized globally, with Israeli cybersecurity firms working with leading customers and investors worldwide.

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