Insure your future: Boost protection against cyber breaches

January 10, 2024
1 min read

Businesses recognize the importance of cyber insurance as a form of financial protection against data breaches and cybersecurity incidents. However, as the threat landscape evolves, cyber insurance companies are raising their security requirements, making it more challenging for businesses to obtain coverage. To improve their chances of being insured against a cyber breach, organizations should focus on cyber resilience within the broader framework of operational resilience. This involves ensuring the continuity of critical functions and services in the face of disruptions, such as cyberattacks. Cyber insurance policies have evolved to keep pace with the dynamic nature of threats, and insurers assess factors such as the type of business, specific security measures in place, and adherence to industry standards when determining the level of risk associated with insuring an organization. Companies can partner with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) specializing in cybersecurity to enhance their risk assessment, security compliance, and incident response planning. MSPs can provide expertise in areas such as proactive monitoring, data backup and recovery, incident response, security updates and patch management, employee training, and documentation. By prioritizing robust backup and recovery procedures, organizations can improve their overall cybersecurity posture and eligibility for cyber insurance coverage.

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