Iran’s gas stations hit: Israel-linked hacktivists claim cyberattack credit.

December 18, 2023
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  • An Israel-linked hacking activist group called ‘Gonjeshke Darande’ or ‘Predatory Sparrow’ has claimed responsibility for a cyberattack on gas stations across Iran.
  • The Iranian Ministry of Energy confirmed that the cyberattack left 70 percent of gas stations across the country nonfunctional.
  • The hacktivist group alleges that the attack was in response to the aggression of Iran and its proxies in the region and intentionally left 30 percent of the stations operating as a “humanitarian corridor.”

The alleged cyberattack on gas stations across Iran crippled their operating systems, and more than half of them had to cease their service. ‘Gonjeshke Darande’ or ‘Predatory Sparrow’, an Israel-linked hacking activist group, took credit for this disruption, as confirmed by a statement released by the group. They claimed this attack was a response to Iran’s aggression and its proxies in the region.

According to the Iranian Ministry of Energy, 70 percent of gas stations across the country had to stop their service due to the cyberattack. However, the ‘Predatory Sparrow’ stated in their release that they had deliberately left 30 percent of the stations functional as a “humanitarian corridor.”

Iranian state media claimed that the exact cause of the disruption remains unclear, as reported by Reuters. This alleged cyberattack adds to the increasing instances of cyber warfare seen between Israel and Iran. This disruption also shows the potential impacts such attacks can have on critical infrastructural services, possibly leading to significant consequences for citizens.

Cybersecurity experts around the world are observing the unfolding situation. It adds another event to the continuing tension and combative relationship between Israel and Iran, displayed through digital means.

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