Is Microsoft really the guardian of our national security?

February 7, 2024
1 min read

Microsoft’s recent admission that Russian-based hackers breached its systems and gained access to senior executives’ emails and accounts raises concerns about the security of one of the US government’s largest technology partners. As Microsoft is a primary technology vendor for the federal government, it should be held to a higher cybersecurity standard. However, the company’s failure to protect itself against basic breaches and its cultural failures in addressing cybersecurity have resulted in successful cyberattacks against IT software used by government agencies. In addition to demanding higher cybersecurity standards from government technology contractors, Congress should consider holding companies accountable by pausing funding for their IT contracts until they improve their security practices. The Department of Justice’s Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative should also be utilized to pursue software vendors who provide insecure products to the government. The Biden administration must take action to hold Microsoft accountable and ensure that the software the government relies on is secure.

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