Kansas State University shaken by cyberattack

January 21, 2024
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  • Kansas State University experienced a cyberattack on January 16, which disrupted the university’s network systems, including email, video, and VPN services.
  • The university took immediate action to identify and take down the impacted systems, while engaging third-party IT forensic experts to assist in the investigation.
  • Email services for “K-State Today” have temporarily resumed, but there may be delays in message delivery.

Operations at Kansas State University have been disrupted following a cyberattack on January 16. The attack impacted the university’s network systems, including email, video, and VPN services. As soon as the attack was identified, K-State immediately took down the affected systems. It is unclear whether the cyber intrusion has resulted in the compromise of student or faculty data.

In a status update, the university assured stakeholders that significant resources are being dedicated to restore the involved systems quickly and safely. They have also enlisted the help of third-party IT forensic experts to support ongoing investigation efforts. While email services for “K-State Today,” which provides university-wide announcements, have temporarily resumed, there may be delays in message delivery of up to 48 hours.

This cyberattack comes on the heels of a recent ransomware attack at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada, which led to a deferral of class resumption. It is indicative of the increasing threat landscape that educational institutions face, with cybercriminals targeting their networks and systems.

As universities and colleges rely heavily on digital infrastructure and data management, cybersecurity measures must be strengthened to prevent these kinds of disruptions. Proactive strategies such as regular vulnerability assessments, employee training on phishing and other social engineering techniques, robust incident response plans, and partnerships with cybersecurity firms can help mitigate the risk of cyberattacks.

It is crucial for organizations in the education sector to prioritize cybersecurity and stay vigilant against evolving threats. The ongoing investigation into the attack on Kansas State University will likely shed light on the nature of the breach and the measures needed to prevent future incidents.

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