KrebsOnSecurity, cheers to your fabulous 14th birthday celebration!

December 30, 2023
1 min read

Happy 14th Birthday, KrebsOnSecurity! – Krebs on Security

  • KrebsOnSecurity celebrates its 14th year of existence
  • Thankful for readership, encouragement, and support

KrebsOnSecurity is celebrating its 14th year of existence and is taking the time to thank its readers for their continued support. Brian Krebs, the author of the blog, has been an independent investigative journalist for longer than he was a reporter for The Washington Post. He started his career at the newspaper with a copy aide job before becoming a reporter. Krebs is grateful to The Washington Post for teaching him how to explain complex technical topics in a way that anyone can understand.

He is also grateful for the success of his own independent reporting. Krebs does not take for granted that people continue to visit his site and read his work. He believes that the key to his success is focusing on people and their stories. KrebsOnSecurity now has over 52,000 subscribers to its email newsletter, which notifies subscribers of new stories as they are published on the website.

KrebsOnSecurity is financed through advertising revenue, and all ads are vetted by Krebs himself and served in-house. The website does not host any third-party content. Krebs asks that readers who use ad blockers consider adding an exception for his site, as advertising partners are how he is able to keep the lights on.

The website has published many important security stories throughout 2023. Some of the most-read stories include new clues in the Target breach, concerns about the security of keys stolen in the LastPass breach, an examination of why .US domain names are being used for phishing attacks, and a look at the leaking of private data on public Salesforce sites.

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