Leveling Up: 3 Must-Try Side-Hustles for Cybersecurity Pros in 2024

December 28, 2023
1 min read

Key Points:

  • Starting a cybersecurity side-hustle in 2024 is crucial due to uncertain economic conditions.
  • One potential side-hustle is creating digital courses on cybersecurity skills, using platforms like Udemy.

The year 2024 is approaching, and with it comes the pressure to start working towards achieving your goals for the new year. For cybersecurity professionals, it is essential to consider starting a cybersecurity side-hustle alongside your regular job in 2024. This is particularly important in today’s world, where layoffs, recession threats, and inflation continue to be a concern.

One lucrative side-hustle option for cybersecurity professionals is creating digital courses. If you have expertise in a particular cybersecurity skill, you can create a course on platforms like Udemy. Even though your first courses may not perform well, it is crucial to continue learning and improving. Over time, as you build a following, you can even self-host courses on your own website or platform and generate a substantial income.

Another side-hustle idea is offering cybersecurity consulting services. Many businesses and individuals are in need of cybersecurity expertise and are willing to pay for consulting services. By marketing your skills and knowledge, you can attract clients and provide them with valuable insights and solutions to their cybersecurity challenges.

Additionally, starting a cybersecurity blog or writing articles on cybersecurity topics can also be a profitable side-hustle. By sharing your knowledge and expertise through written content, you can attract readers, establish yourself as an authority in the field, and even monetize your blog through advertising or sponsored content.

It is important to remember that starting a side-hustle requires time, effort, and dedication. Building a successful side business takes time, and initial failures should be seen as opportunities for growth and improvement. Continuously learning and honing your cybersecurity skills will ultimately lead to success in your side-hustle.

In conclusion, considering a cybersecurity side-hustle in 2024 is a smart move for cybersecurity professionals. Whether it be creating digital courses, offering consulting services, or starting a cybersecurity blog, there are various ways to monetize your knowledge and skills. By committing to continuous learning and improvement, you can turn your side-hustle into a profitable venture and diversify your income streams.

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