LockBit Cyber-Attack: The Latest Snare Snags CMS Law Firm

December 16, 2023
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Key Elements

  • The international law firm CMS has been targeted in a recent LockBit cyber-attack, which specifically impacted CMS Spain.
  • According to LockBit, 500GB of data was stolen, including “all confidential information in the USA”.
  • CMS Spain has engaged with external forensic specialists to isolate, control, and examine the incident.
  • The incident has been reported to the Spanish Data Protection Agency and the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Computer Crime.

CMS, a leading international law firm, has become another victim in an increasing wave of LockBit cyber-attacks, according to recent reports. The attack was isolated to CMS Spain and allegedly resulted in the theft of 500GB of data, which LockBit claims includes “all confidential information in the USA”. The demand for ransom was set for December 15th.

The company confirmed the incident through a statement saying, “CMS Spain has been the victim of a cyber-attack affecting a small number of storage servers.” However, they have assured that the other member firms of the CMS organization remain unaffected. They did not disclose any further details about the source of the attack.

As part of the incident response, CMS Spain has brought in external forensic specialists to work in tandem with its cybersecurity response team. Together, they’ve been working to isolate and control the situation. The firm also emphasized that they are conducting a rigorous cyber forensic examination to understand and resolve the incident, with a particular focus on identifying what data has been impacted.

CMS Spain has properly reported the incident to the Spanish Data Protection Agency and the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Computer Crime in line with legal requirements. The firm has also pledged to adhere to statutory reporting protocols with other relevant authorities.

In terms of moving forward, CMS has stated that its priority is its clients. The firm has enhanced its security protocols and added further procedures to prevent such incidents in the future. However, for maintaining confidentiality and smooth operations, no further details about the incident would be publicly disclosed.

This incident follows a similar Lockbit ransomware attack on Allen & Overy, another prominent law firm, that took place earlier in November.

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