Narf Industries Inks Pact for Fresh Cybersecurity Threat Solution

December 18, 2023
1 min read

Key Points:

  • Narf Industries has entered into a collaboration with MITRE and Red Balloon Security to develop a new threat model for embedded software and hardware solutions, focusing on the mitigation of cyber threats to critical infrastructure.
  • The deal is part of Narf Industries’ business strategy aimed at strengthening cybersecurity measures and offering advanced threat intelligence.

Narf Industries, a prominent UK-based cybersecurity company, announced a partnership with MITRE and Red Balloon Security. The collaboration aims to create a new threat model specifically designed for embedded software and hardware solutions, aimed at curbing cyber threats that pose a risk to critical infrastructure.

The deal represents a significant milestone in Narf Industries’ strategic efforts to enhance its cyber threat intelligence and maintain the overall safety of crucial infrastructure. The company specializes in commissioning cybersecurity research and development and commercializes numerous products, including those backed by the U.S. Department of Defense’s DARPA.

With the increase in cyber threats across various sectors globally, Narf Industries’ partnership with MITRE and Red Balloon Security is timely. The new threat model will play a crucial role in maintaining and restoring power to electric grids and securing other key infrastructures against cyber attacks.

The partnership underscores Narf Industries’ commitment to proactively tackling the growing threat of cybercrime and safeguarding critical infrastructure from potentially crippling cyber attacks. Further details about the collaboration and the new threat model are yet to be announced.

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