Ohio Lottery: Data Breached, Gamblers Beware

January 28, 2024
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  • Ohio Lottery experienced a cyber attack on December 24, 2023.
  • Unauthorised third party gained access to customer and retailer information.
  • Customers and retailers are advised to monitor their accounts for fraudulent activity.
  • Steps can be taken to protect personal information, including placing a fraud alert on credit files and monitoring credit reports.
  • A credit monitoring service will be provided to affected individuals if any consumer data was compromised.
  • The cyber attack did not affect any Ohio Lottery games or technology systems.

Ohio Lottery has confirmed that information belonging to customers and retailers has been leaked in a cyber attack that occurred on December 24, 2023. The unauthorized third party that gained access to the information remains unknown, but Ohio Lottery is continuing its investigation into the incident. In the meantime, the lottery is advising all customers and retailers to exercise caution when it comes to their credit and to monitor their account statements for any fraudulent or irregular activity.

As a precautionary measure, Ohio Lottery is recommending that customers and retailers take immediate steps to protect their personal information. This includes placing a fraud alert or security freeze on their credit files, as well as obtaining and monitoring a free credit report. Customers can contact any of the three credit bureaus listed on the Ohio Lottery’s website to initiate these measures.

While the cyber attack caused concern, Ohio Lottery wants to reassure its customers that the incident did not involve any of its games or the technology systems on which the lottery operates. It is safe to continue purchasing tickets, and any winning tickets over $599 can be mailed to the Ohio Lottery Central Office in Cleveland for payment or submitted through the Ohio Lottery mobile app. The lottery is working to restore all cashing options in the near future.

If any consumer data was compromised during the cyber attack, Ohio Lottery will take all necessary measures to provide a credit monitoring service to protect affected individuals. Notifications will be sent to those impacted as quickly as possible, in accordance with applicable laws.

In conclusion, while the cyber attack on Ohio Lottery resulted in the leakage of customer and retailer information, the lottery is taking steps to address the situation and protect its customers. It is important for individuals to remain vigilant in monitoring their accounts and personal information, and to take advantage of the resources and services provided by Ohio Lottery to ensure their credit security.

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