Palo Alto eyes $100 Billion as cyber landscape blooms

December 14, 2023
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Key Points:

  • Cybersecurity firm, Palo Alto Networks, is broadly predicted to soon reach a value of $100 billion, making it the first in the industry to achieve this milestone.
  • Other Israeli cybersecurity companies, including CyberArk and Check Point Software, have also been trading at historic highs.
  • The increase in cyber attacks, technological advancements, stricter reporting regulations by the SEC and a greater push towards the use of platforms by cybersecurity companies are factors contributing to the growth of these organizations.
  • The successful performance of these leaders in the cybersecurity sector positively impacts the startup market, as established companies often acquire burgeoning ones, lending certainty to business ventures.

Since the prediction made by Palo Alto Networks CEO, Nikesh Arora, a year ago that their company would be the first cybersecurity firm to reach a $100 billion value, Palo Alto has seen its valuation surge from around $50 billion to closing on Wednesday at a market value of $98.96 billion. This positions the company, founded by Israeli Nir Zuk, on the precipice of being valued at an incredible $100 billion; this comes as a result of growth of around 120% since the start of 2023, reaching a historic record.

Like Palo Alto, several other Israeli cybersecurity firms have also experienced peak trading recently, this bullish trend comes despite initial concerns of damage to the reputation of Israeli cyber companies after the attacks by Hamas on October 7, 2023. Notably, Check Point Software and CyberArk – both revered, veteran companies – have seen all-time high trading values, with CyberArk surging 61% from the beginning of the year to a $8.5 billion market value and Check Point increasing 17% to a record value of $17.5 billion. This has effectively invalidated concerns about the resilience of the Israeli cyber brand.

A convergence of factors has spurred the growth in the cyber market. Primarily, the recent surge in cyber attack incidents amid chaotic global affairs, as well as strict new reporting requirements from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), have fostered the need for organisations to invest more heavily in cybersecurity. Furthermore, from a strategic perspective, the focus of many Israeli cybersecurity companies on delivering comprehensive solutions and their preference for working with large organisations have been supportive of their growth.

This prosperous performance of leading cybersecurity companies provides an impetus for venture capital and private investment funds to flow towards cyber startups, given the higher predictability of successful business exits. Recent acquisitions in the industry further underscore this trend. For instance, Palo Alto acquired Talon and Dig for almost a billion dollars while Check Point Software bought Perimeter 81. Affirmative prospects for the cybersecurity sector thus point towards continued growth and innovation in the near future.

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