PlayStation studio, sleepless over ransomware hack, is beyond infuriated.

December 23, 2023
1 min read

In a recent incident, Insomniac, the studio behind the Spider-Man 2 video game, was targeted in a ransomware attack that resulted in the theft of employee data, company emails, and early details of an upcoming Wolverine game. Insomniac expressed distress and anger over the attack and thanked fans for their support. The studio is currently assessing the extent of the damage but reassured that the development of the Wolverine game will continue as planned. The cyberattack has been condemned by developers, journalists, and fans, who are urging others not to share or republish the stolen content. The ransomware group Rhysida has claimed responsibility for the attack and has also admitted to targeting the British Library in a previous attack. This incident highlights the growing issue of cyberattacks in the gaming industry and the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures.

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