Plunging into Meta’s maze of child safety hurdles

December 18, 2023
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  • Meta, previously known as Facebook, has faced criticisms for failing to adequately protect children on its social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Reports and inquiries from governmental institutions and media, primarily from the Wall Street Journal, highlight Meta’s inability to cope with pedophilia on its platforms with instances of algorithms directing predators towards children.
  • Meta has announced plans to strengthen the enforcement of existing safety measures, better recommendation and discovery strategies, and the introduction of new techniques to limit potential predators.
  • TikTok has also been similarly scrutinized, with concerns about it being a ‘playground’ for child predators.
  • Child safety in the digital age has been a significant issue, emphasized by the popularity of the independent movie ‘Sound of Freedom’ that portrays the rescue of a child from traffickers.
  • Consumer cybersecurity industry is providing solutions like parental controls which can help in creating a safe digital environment for children. Anti-virus software with such features is suggested for devices used by children.

Meta’s popular platforms, Facebook and Instagram, were recently under criticism due to lacking efficient child safety measures. Reports from various government entities and media, notably the Wall Street Journal, shed light on the company’s struggle with pedophiles on its platforms. The reports highlighted certain alarming instances such as algorithms purposefully directing predators towards children.

In response to public and governmental pressure, Meta announced plans to tighten the enforcement of pre-existing child safety measures and improve the platform’s recommendation and discovery strategies. Additionally, the tech giant plans to roll out new techniques to limit potential predators and remove their networks and groups from its platforms. Meta’s failure in child safety measures has brought other social media platforms under examination, with TikTok also being criticized for its lax measures against child predators.

Child safety in the digital space has been a prominent issue recently and has been stressed more due to the wide appreciation of the independent movie ‘Sound of Freedom’. The movie, based on a true story of a federal agent rescuing a child from ruthless traffickers, earned a quarter of a billion worldwide and is in line to secure a position in the top ten highest-grossing films in the USA for 2023.

Given this context, the consumer cybersecurity industry is developing solutions such as parental control tools, which can help parents in ensuring a safe digital environment for children. The industry promotes the use of antivirus software that comes with such features, especially on devices accessed by children. These solutions reduce the chances of children falling victim to cybercrimes or becoming the points of interest for predators.

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