Proofpoint acquires Tessian, pumping up AI-driven cybersecurity defenses.

December 28, 2023
1 min read

Proofpoint has completed its acquisition of Tessian, a company that applies advanced AI technology to detect and protect against accidental data loss and email threats. The combined solution aims to offer organizations a comprehensive defense against human-related risks, which account for over 90% of successful cyber attacks. The collaborative platform developed by Proofpoint and Tessian can effectively tackle a wide range of human-oriented threats, including social engineering, malware, and credential phishing. The companies plan to introduce these joint solutions to the market by early 2024.

The acquisition of Tessian is expected to enhance Proofpoint’s threat and information protection platforms with AI-powered defense against problematic user behaviors, such as misdirected emails and data exfiltration. Email is recognized as a significant risk vector, and cybersecurity leaders believe that organizations should focus on securing their email systems. Tessian was recently classified as a ‘Strong Performer’ by Forrester Research and scored highly in the Vision, Support, and Customer Success criteria.

Proofpoint, founded in 2002, is a cybersecurity and compliance company that serves over 8,000 enterprises worldwide. The company generated over $1 billion in revenue in 2020, making it the first SaaS-based cybersecurity and compliance company to achieve this milestone.

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