Rajasthan Police hosts hackathon to beat cyber crimes

January 15, 2024
1 min read

In an effort to address the rising issue of cybercrimes, the Rajasthan Police is organizing a two-day cyber hackathon in Jaipur. The event, called the Rajasthan Police Cyber Hackathon 1.0, will take place on January 17 and 18 and will provide a platform for young cybersecurity experts to showcase their skills. Over 1,600 participants from various educational institutions, industries, research labs, and start-ups have registered for the hackathon. The participants will work in teams to solve 12 cybersecurity-related challenges during the 36-hour event. A total of ₹20 lakh in cash prizes and citations will be awarded to the winners across various categories.

The event aims to assess the risk of cyberattacks, improve the cybersecurity situation, and promote policies and technological innovation in order to protect sensitive information from cyber threats. The hackathon will also include an internship program with the Rajasthan Police for all participating teams. Prior to the event, a drone demonstration will be held at the Rajasthan Police Academy on January 16.

Overall, the hackathon serves as an important initiative to combat the growing issues of cybercrime and cybersecurity in Rajasthan. It provides an opportunity for young cybersecurity experts to collaborate and develop effective solutions to address the challenges of the future.

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