Secure Industry 40: Steps for Robust Cybersecurity Implementation

January 18, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: Manufacturers implementing Industry 4.0 must prioritize cybersecurity to protect their investments and establish a robust cybersecurity strategy. One key concept is the CIA triad, which stands for confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Manufacturers should be aware of three major threat categories: conventional IT threats, operational technology challenges, and customized software vulnerabilities. To improve security, manufacturers can implement cybersecurity training, conduct annual risk assessments, engage with service providers, assess the cybersecurity practices of suppliers, and define risk tolerance levels and cybersecurity practices. These steps will help manufacturers elevate their security stance and protect their investments in Industry 4.0.

Effective cybersecurity practices are crucial in safeguarding Industry 4.0, which relies on the internet and cloud-based software for advanced manufacturing and automation. The rise of the hybrid and remote workforce has eroded the boundaries between conventional IT systems and operational technologies. Manufacturers face threats such as ransomware, data loss, intellectual property breaches, attacks on operational technologies, and software vulnerabilities. By implementing cybersecurity training, conducting risk assessments, engaging with service providers, assessing supplier cybersecurity practices, and defining risk tolerance levels, manufacturers can establish a robust cybersecurity strategy.

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