SecureAcademy: Forging Cyber Warriors for the Next Generation.

December 22, 2023
1 min read

Check Point Software’s education program, SecureAcademy, has experienced significant growth, with a 123% increase since 2020 and over 30 new partners gained in the past year. Since its launch in 2017, the program has qualified over 20,000 students. The need for cybersecurity training programs has become increasingly important as technology advances and the threat landscape becomes more complex. SecureAcademy was developed to address the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals by providing free courses and resources to individuals looking to enter the field. The program aims to reduce the skills gap and make the internet a safer place. SecureAcademy has recently expanded into the Canadian market and has collaborated with numerous world-class higher education institutes to help students start a career in the cybersecurity industry. Students have access to free courses and discounted exams, as well as hands-on experience with Check Point’s technology to learn how to administer solutions in real-world settings. SecureAcademy is part of the Infinity Global Services organization at Check Point, which offers tailored cybersecurity solutions to fortify defenses and elevate the security posture of organizations.

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