Securing Cyber Space: A Glimpse into Transformational Digital Fortress Creation

December 13, 2023
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  • The landscape of cybersecurity is constantly changing, with organizations large and small experiencing increasing complexity and a heightened number of threat surfaces due to digital transformations.
  • Mark Hughes, president of security at DXC Technology Co, highlighted the emerging challenges during a discussion at the Cyber Resiliency Summit. He emphasised the importance of accurately deploying security toolsets and remaining open to the potential impact of generative AI on cyber-protection measures.

Digital transformation is actively shaping the landscape of cybersecurity, as stated by Mark Hughes, president of security at DXC Technology Co., during the Cyber Resiliency Summit. Organisations of all sizes increasingly face complex challenges as they attempt to secure themselves in a highly dynamic digital environment.

Key elements discussed by Hughes revolve around the increased demands for organisations to operate in a cost-efficient manner, despite an ever-present need to secure against an increasing number of cyber threats. Furthermore, another factor contributing to this challenge is the substantial skills deficit within the cybersecurity industry.

Despite these complex challenges, Hughes indicates that the key to ensuring robust cybersecurity often lies in simplicity. Threat actors typically gain an initial foothold in an organisation through basic entry points before moving laterally without detection. Ensuring comprehensive application of security toolsets across the entire organisation therefore becomes paramount in detecting threats and maintaining security.

Hughes warns against modern, but under-deployed toolsets and proposes that organisations should ensure that key controls are in place. He highlighted the significant impact generative AI (gen AI) is expected to have on security, and warned of how threat actors could potentially use gen AI. Consequently, he suggests that organisations should incorporate gen AI into their defensive strategies to bolster security protection.

As we traverse deeper into the age of digital transformation, organizations are urged to ensure they’re equipped with the right toolsets, deployed accurately and comprehensively, to stay ahead of emerging threats.

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