Securing the future: Unravelling AI & multicloud complexities intelligently.

December 13, 2023
1 min read

Cyberattacks have steadily increased in 2023 led by advancements in artificial intelligence, hence the increase in the sophistication and volume of these attacks, according to Mihir Maniar, Vice President of Products at Dell Technologies. Despite the surge in cybersecurity technologies and tools, businesses are still finding it difficult to protect themselves due to:

  • The ever-evolving industry standards and frameworks which present a challenge for firms to keep up with.
  • The shortage of skilled professionals in the field of cybersecurity remains a lingering issue, making it harder for these organizations to create a strong cybersecurity hygiene.

Noting the increased threat surface area with users coming in from any location and applications morphing into multicloud, Dell has responded by enhancing its role in ensuring that its client and infrastructure businesses produce trusted products. Maniar explains that the first step is to create trusted products for both hardware and software which includes secure boot, secure OS, and secure supply chain verification of software and hardware, to create a system which customers can rely on.

The second step is to remove the complexity for organizations by creating a set of managed security services, end-to-end security services for organizations lacking the necessary resources. These services range from advisory services for zero trust to building out comprehensive security controls.

The third step involves a robust set of resiliency practices including a good vulnerability management service that Dell can provide, penetration testing, and breach attack simulation service. These practices are put in place to be more proactive and catch potential threats before they happen.

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