Terrapin strikes, Cooper breached: Week’s shocking cyber events.

December 25, 2023
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Week in review: Terrapin SSH attack, Mr. Cooper breach

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews, and videos:

  • A vulnerability in the SSH cryptographic network protocol allows for the downgrade of connection security.
  • Database management company MongoDB suffered a breach, exposing customer data.
  • The Qakbot botnet returns with a new phishing campaign targeting the hospitality industry.
  • Microsoft is developing a more secure print system for Windows.
  • Mortgage company Mr. Cooper experienced a data breach, compromising the personal information of over 14 million customers.
  • Telecommunications company Comcast confirms a breach exposing customer personal information.
  • The 8220 gang leveraged an old Oracle WebLogic Server vulnerability to distribute malware.
  • Network performance plays a crucial role in application experience.
  • Wiz and Apiiro partner to provide context-driven security.
  • Ransomware attacks continue to be a significant threat, and recovery strategies are crucial.
  • The impact of prompt injection in LLM agents is a growing concern.
  • Supply chain attacks are on the rise in the automotive industry.
  • The information-blocking rule in the 21st Century Cures Act impacts healthcare data exchange.
  • AI’s efficacy is limited in cybersecurity, while cybercriminals are exploiting AI without constraints.
  • Executives face rising cybersecurity concerns in mobile networks.
  • Law enforcement targets ALPHV/Blackcat ransomware group.
  • Data, AI, and regulations top the threat list for 2024.
  • The manufacturing industry faces distinct cybersecurity threats.
  • A significant number of cyberattacks are delivered over encrypted channels.
  • Authentication strategies are evolving, moving away from passwords.
  • Excerpts from various surveys provide insights into cybersecurity trends and strategies.
  • Product showcases feature tools for web and mobile penetration testing and data classification and access rights audit.
  • New infosec products released in the past week.

Overall, the week’s news highlights ongoing cybersecurity challenges, including vulnerabilities in network protocols, breaches impacting large companies, the return of phishing campaigns, the development of more secure systems, and the need for robust security measures in various industries. It also emphasizes the importance of prioritizing cybersecurity strategies, improving network performance, and staying updated on the latest trends and threats.

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