TIM Launches Italy’s Premiere Microchip Boosting Cybersecurity

December 18, 2023
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Italian company TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) has introduced the country’s first cryptographic microprocessor, also known as a Secure Microchip, designed to enhance the security in various areas of technology. These areas include mobile devices, Smart Cities, cloud infrastructure, the Internet of Things (IoT), and defense systems.

  • The microchip is designed completely in Italy and will serve to strengthen autonomy and technology sovereignty in the national and European cybersecurity arena.
  • It meets the highest standards of security, ensuring reliable encrypted communication and can safeguard any IT or communication system handling sensitive or confidential information.
  • The microprocessor is manufactured by a European production chain and is designed for use in various contexts such as civil, military, industrial, and protection of critical infrastructures.
  • In the industrial sector, the Secure Microchip protects the entire production cycle integrating sophisticated encryption with advanced cybersecurity functions to secure machine-to-machine dialogue.
  • A key application area for the microprocessor is authentication systems, where it can generate encryption tokens for secure access to cloud data and services.

This microchip is expected to fulfill the security needs of small and medium enterprises as well as individuals who need to equip themselves with robust systems to meet the cybersecurity requirements prescribed in the Cyber Resilience Act and in the EU Directives NIS2 and CER. In addition, it can be integrated into servers if services and IT infrastructure are in a private cloud. Use cases include public administration services such as digital identities or financial and home banking systems.

The introduction of the Secure Microchip is a significant stride for the TIM Group in providing innovative technological solutions for cybersecurity. It also aids in the international promotion of the ‘made in Italy’ brand in the strategic semiconductor industry, aligned with Italy and the European Union’s initiatives to bolster Europe’s industrial ecosystem.

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