Toronto Zoo’s cybersecurity attack: What it means for you

January 14, 2024
1 min read

Toronto Zoo has become the latest public institution to be targeted by a cybersecurity attack, following similar attacks on municipal and health bodies over the past few months. Cyber security experts are urging individuals to check the safety of their personal information in light of these attacks. The zoo detected the ransomware attack on 5 January and is now investigating its impact on guest, member, and donor records. While the zoo claims not to store credit card information, experts warn of the possibility of bad actors using the situation to gain more information through fraudulent phishing emails. The Toronto Public Library, victim of a cyber attack in October 2023, advises customers to change their passwords regularly and monitor their credit and banking records to avoid falling victim to such attacks.

Cyber security experts have criticized the city of Toronto for not investing enough money in cyber security measures, given the increase in threats targeting municipalities and health-care systems. The city spent $38m on cyber security in 2023, but experts believe it needs more funding to tackle the growing number of attacks. Experts believe that individuals should push governments and organizations to conduct cyber security drills and increase information protection measures. It is also suggested that bringing more public entities under a central cyber security umbrella will improve coordination and response to cyber threats.

Experts warn that if critical emergency services such as water treatment or wastewater systems were attacked, it could have serious consequences for the city of Toronto. Cyber attacks on these services could disable the city’s ability to deliver important services, causing significant disruption. As such, experts stress the importance of investing in cyber security efforts and urging voters to make it a priority when electing officials.

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