Ubisoft hacked, yet bounces back, 900 GB of data!

December 24, 2023
1 min read

Ubisoft, a major video game studio, was recently hacked by an unknown group attempting to steal over 900 gigabytes of data. The hacker had access to the studio’s information and programs, including Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, for around 48 hours before being detected. However, Ubisoft’s cyber security team quickly responded and removed the threat. The studio believes that the hacker was specifically targeting information related to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, one of their popular multiplayer titles. The hack has raised concerns about the need for improved cyber security in the gaming industry.

In response to the hack, Ubisoft is expected to take action against the offender(s), following recent cases where hackers have faced harsh legal punishments. However, it is crucial for studios of all sizes to invest in stronger cyber security measures to protect their data and prevent future attacks.

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