Ukrainian critical infrastructure organizations face a series of cyberattacks

January 27, 2024
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TL;DR: A series of cyberattacks has targeted critical infrastructure organizations in Ukraine, including the country’s largest state-owned oil and gas company, Naftogaz, as well as the national postal service provider and a transport safety agency. The attacks disrupted services and operations, and it is unclear if they are connected or if the perpetrators are known. Ukrainian cybersecurity authorities are investigating the incidents.

Several Ukrainian critical infrastructure organizations, including Naftogaz, Ukrposhta, DSBT, and Ukrzaliznytsia, have reported being targeted in cyberattacks. Naftogaz, the largest state-owned oil and gas company in Ukraine, had its data center attacked, causing disruptions. Ukrposhta, the national postal service provider, experienced disruptions to its postal operating services after attackers hit the network infrastructure of its partners. DSBT, a transport safety agency, reported a cyberattack that disrupted its website and cargo delivery system. Ukrainzaliznytsia, the state railway, had its services halted and suspended online ticket sales after being attacked.

The cyberattacks on these critical infrastructure organizations come at a time of heightened tensions between Ukraine and Russia, and a Russian group called the National Cyber Army claimed responsibility for attacking DSBT’s systems. However, it is unclear if this group is responsible for the other attacks or if the attacks are related.

Ukrainian authorities, including the country’s cybersecurity agency, are investigating the cyberattacks, but no details about the attacks or the perpetrators have been released.

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