US Cyber Trust Mark: Your Guide to IoT Security Design

January 24, 2024
1 min read

The U.S. Cyber Trust Mark is a program expected to be rolled out in 2024 that aims to enhance consumer cybersecurity in IoT products. The program is based on the NIST IR 8425 standard, which provides specific guidelines for IoT product developers to ensure the security of their products. Manufacturers participating in the program will be required to adhere to these guidelines and obtain certification for their products, which will allow them to use the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark logo. The program extends beyond individual devices and includes essential components of IoT products, such as cloud servers and companion smartphone apps. It also requires manufacturers to establish comprehensive security processes and educate customers about cybersecurity.

The U.S. Cyber Trust Mark represents a shift in the consumer electronics industry towards improving product security and adopting new methodologies. IoT product developers that can meet these requirements will be able to showcase their products and gain recognition in the market. NXP Semiconductors has initiated a comprehensive security program called the EdgeLock Assurance Program to help IoT product developers align with the NIST IR 8425 standard and obtain the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark certification. The program includes technical and non-technical aspects of security and offers independent security assessments.

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