US slaps two ISIS ‘cyber gurus’ with sanctions

January 31, 2024
1 min read

The US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on two Egyptian nationals accused of running a cyber platform affiliated with ISIS. Mu’min Al-Mawji Mahmud Salim, the creator of the Electronic Horizons Foundation (EHF), was accused of providing cybersecurity training and guidance to ISIS supporters. Sarah Jamal Muhammad Al-Sayyid, a partner of Al-Mawji, allegedly helped run the EHF platform. The Treasury Department said that Al-Sayyid had recruited other ISIS members and collaborated with Al-Mawji on various EHF projects.

These individuals have been added to the FBI’s wanted list, and rewards of up to $20,000 are being offered for information leading to their location. The Treasury Department also sanctioned Faruk Guzel, a Turkish national accused of transferring funds to ISIS-affiliated individuals in Syria.

These sanctions come shortly after the US, UK, and Australia announced sanctions against a Russian man for his role in the 2022 ransomware attack on Australian healthcare insurer Medibank. The US has previously imposed sanctions on a North Korean university believed to be training the country’s hackers.

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