Vendor Notebook: Clearwater, BreachLock unite to tackle cyber threats

February 10, 2024
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TLDR: Clearwater and BreachLock have both launched new cyber threat hunting services in response to the increasing number of cyberattacks faced by healthcare organizations. Clearwater has partnered with 1stResponder to provide 24/7 threat hunting and monitoring services. The program aims to improve cyber resilience by filling security and compliance gaps. BreachLock has expanded its automated Penetration Testing as a Service platform to include new services for cloud-based applications and data. They also offer innovative attack-surface management and Red Teaming as a Service to vulnerable organizations. In addition, Akamai has released a content protector tool that can stop scraping attacks, which cybercriminals use to test stolen login credentials and gain access to sensitive data.

Full Article: Healthcare organizations are facing increasing cyber threats and must implement higher levels of cyber hygiene and defense maturity to protect patients and patient data. Responding to this need, Clearwater has partnered with 1stResponder to provide 24/7 threat hunting and monitoring services. Clearwater’s program helps fill security and compliance gaps for smaller healthcare organizations that are considered to be particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. The program offers a range of services, including security leadership, risk analysis, technical testing capabilities and continuous security monitoring. Clearwater highlights that these services have already helped one regional hospital recover from a cyberattack and prevented future attacks. Steve Cagle, CEO of Clearwater, emphasized the importance of tailored risk management, monitoring, and detection and response capabilities for healthcare providers in order to achieve a strong and resilient cybersecurity program. BreachLock has also expanded its services to include SaaS Security Audit and Cloud Security Audit services, as well as offering human-delivered, AI-powered and automated attack-surface management and Red Teaming as a Service. BreachLock’s CEO, Seemant Sehgal, highlighted the extensive experience and comprehensive intelligence gained from conducting hundreds of thousands of penetration tests and other security testing. This data enables BreachLock to provide real-time security testing results and make intelligent decisions regarding security vulnerabilities and threats. Meanwhile, Akamai has released a content protector tool that stops scraping attacks, which cybercriminals use to gain access to patient accounts and steal sensitive health data. The tool assesses user behavior and interactions, provides risk classifications of site traffic, and safeguards digital assets from scraping threats. Rupesh Chokshi, SVP and GM of application security at Akamai, noted that the Content Protector is more than just a security tool, it is a business enabler. These new services and tools provided by Clearwater, BreachLock, and Akamai contribute to the ongoing efforts to increase cybersecurity in healthcare organizations and protect patients and their data.

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