Zero-Trust Era: Encrypt Everything for Ironclad Public Sector Security

December 18, 2023
1 min read

In the era of “zero trust”, it is imperative for the public sector to encrypt everything to ensure data security, according to Richard Appleyard. He elaborates on how outsourcing security is insufficient; it must start at home. The cybersecurity landscape has evolved to a point where cyberattacks are a matter of when, not if.

  • High-profile breaches have spurred movement towards stringent encryption practices, among other security measures.
  • There is an increase in public sector investment in cybersecurity in light of devastating attacks like the DarkSide ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline in May 2021.
  • The lack of planning and investment in cybersecurity poses a high risk of “catastrophic” ransomware attack, potentially bringing a country to a standstill.

Appleyard’s statement emphasizes the necessity of a robust, in-house cybersecurity system, especially in the boundless age of digital information. He stresses that outsourcing could be an auxiliary measure but not the core one.

The Darkside ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, a major US fuel line, pointedly illustrates the potential fallout of poor cybersecurity. It reveals the scale of disruption cyberattacks can create, affecting crucial infrastructure and daily life activities.

The escalating threat of cyberattacks necessitates preemptive and strategic investments in cybersecurity, particularly for public sector organizations. This approach will ensure the preservation and maintenance of data integrity and the protection of critical infrastructure. Responses from public sector organizations worldwide indicate a growing understanding of this need.

The UK, for instance, is facing high risks of potential “catastrophic” ransomware attacks. Lack of sufficient planning, resource allocation, and proactive measures in cybersecurity potentially threatens the nation with immense disruption and standstill.

It is clear that in the zero-trust age, effective cybersecurity management demands the encryption of all sensitive data, bolstered infrastructure, and risk mitigation strategies.

Rather than waiting for a cyberattack and then scrambling to contain its fallout, public sector players must anticipate these threats and actively protect their assets, further demonstrating the importance of data encryption and secure systems in today’s world.

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