Zero Trust Network Access: Enforcing Policies with Utmost Validation

December 21, 2023
1 min read

Key Points:

  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) relies on trust brokers or policy enforcement points to grant access based on identity, policy, and context
  • Key challenges of ZTNA deployments include multi-vendor interoperability, scale and performance, user experience, and consistent security
  • Cloud is a key component of ZTNA because it supports the dynamic and distributed nature of modern IT networks

The Fast Mode spoke with Sashi Jeyaretnam, Senior Director of Product Management for Security Solutions at Spirent Communications, about the impact of traffic visibility on ZTNA networks. In the discussion, Jeyaretnam highlights the challenges of ZTNA deployments, including the lack of standardization and the need for multi-vendor interoperability. The scalability and performance of ZTNA architectures is also a key consideration, as well as the impact on user experience. Ensuring consistent security across distributed networks is another challenge that organizations must address.

Cloud is a crucial component of ZTNA because it enables decentralized access with centralized security policy management. Cloud-based ZTNA solutions provide flexibility, scalability, resiliency, and agility, allowing organizations to support remote users, public cloud infrastructure, and global branch offices. The cloud also ensures business continuity and the ability to stay ahead of evolving security threats.

In conclusion, organizations must address the challenges of ZTNA deployments, including interoperability, scalability, user experience, and security. Cloud-based solutions offer the flexibility and scalability needed to support modern IT networks and ensure business continuity. By validating ZTNA elements and ensuring consistent policy enforcement, organizations can effectively implement ZTNA and enhance network security.

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