Zero trust: unlocking maximum impact in the next phase

February 9, 2024
1 min read

This article discusses the importance of zero trust cybersecurity measures for federal agencies and highlights the progress that has been made in implementing these measures. It emphasizes the need for agencies to leverage existing capabilities and maximize investments in order to continue making progress in strengthening their cybersecurity defenses. The article also acknowledges the challenging nature of the current threat landscape and the competing priorities and budget constraints that agencies face. It suggests that agencies should focus on taking small but concrete steps towards resilience, tailored to their individual cybersecurity needs and goals. The article emphasizes the continuous nature of cybersecurity and highlights the benefits of segmenting critical assets as a tactical move to improve overall security posture. It concludes by noting the ongoing importance of making progress on cybersecurity objectives beyond the September 2024 deadline for implementing a zero trust architecture. The article is written by Gary Barlet, the federal chief technology officer at Illumio and the former chief information officer at the Office of Inspector General for the United States Postal Service.

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